EDP Sciences is delighted to share the results for its journals of the 2020 journal Citation Reports® (JCR) published by Clarivate Analytics. Twenty-one EDP Sciences journals have received an Impact Factor, with almost two-thirds showing an increase in 2019. Overall, an increase of almost 3.5% has been recorded on last year and almost 11.5% on the year before.

2020 represents an important milestone for EDP Sciences, marking 100 years of academic publishing. EDP Sciences was founded in 1920 by renowned scientists such as Marie Curie, Paul Langevin, and Louis Lumière. We are pleased that as we celebrate our centenary, we can also applaud our editorial team for their support and commitment to publishing impactful science.

“As Managing Director of EDP Sciences, I am pleased to have the opportunity to commend our editors, reviewers, and authors for their dedication to our journals, making them a worthy home for academic research”, stated Agnès Henri. “We are mindful that there are many ways of measuring ‘impact’, nevertheless feel that success in the JCR is something to be congratulated.”

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate – a steady increase to surpass 3

JSWSC has earned an increased Impact Factor of 3.095, an increase of almost 10%. This follows an increase of almost 21% last year. To add to this already impressive achievement, JSWSC has also received a CiteScore of 5.3 ranking 29/115 for Atmospheric Science journals.

The journal is pleased to continue its support of the space weather community, publishing more articles in the “Agora” section that launched last year. Recent articles include “Portuguese eyewitness accounts of the great space weather event of 1582” and, last year, a strategic European report on understanding and preparing for adverse space weather commissioned by the European Space Science Committee (ESSC).

Mathematic Modelling of Natural Phenomena – a sharp rise

After being included in the ‘Mathematics, Applied’ category of Web of Science towards the end of 2019, MMNP is delighted to announce a 73% increase in its 2019 Impact Factor to 1.642. With a CiteScore of 3.2, MMNP currently ranks 121/510 in Applied Mathematics. As MMNP transitions to open access, currently publishing under the Subscribe to Open model, it hopes to further increase its Impact Factor next year.

Parasite - now over 2

Parasite is pleased to announce an increase of almost 5% in its Impact Factor for 2019 to 2.050*. Its 5 Year Impact Factor is now 2.490 which indicates a solid long-term citation trend. The editorial team under editor-in-chief, Jean-Lou Justine, is pleased with the increase in Impact Factor and immensely proud to be a respected source in the field of parasitology.

Other highlights – significant increases for Aquatic Living Resources and RAIRO – Operations Research

Both ALR and RAIRO-RO are pleased to report an increase in their Impact Factors. ALR’s Impact Factor has increased again by almost 19% to 1.026* and RAIRO-OR’s Impact Factor has increased by more than 60% to 1.025*. Both well-deserved confirmations of their standing in their respective fields.

*2020 release of Journal Citation Reports®. Source: 2019 Web of Science Data

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