Following the successful launch of a series of masterclasses on scientific writing for PhD students and young researchers in February 2019, the Lumen Learning Center of Université Paris-Saclay and EDP Sciences are pleased to host the third scientific writing masterclass, taking place online 12-13 October 2020.

This scientific writing masterclass is offered free of charge to young researchers and PhD students in chemistry affiliated with the Université Paris-Saclay, and will take place via an online meeting platform. Anne Ruimy and Isabelle Auffret-Babak, Senior Publishing Editors from EDP Sciences will prepare and deliver the masterclass with the support of Professor Dr. Stéphane Petoud, Editor-in-Chief of the journal 4open and Director of Research at the Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, Orléans, France.

The scientific writing masterclass will take place over two days, with the first providing an overview of scholarly publishing and an introduction to Open Science, and the second focusing on hands-on writing, editing and reviewing of abstracts and articles as well as an introduction to promoting published papers. Participants will use NESTOR, the new online submission system from EDP Sciences, for these activities.

Find out more about the workshop schedule here or register for the 12-13 October workshop.

About Professor Dr. Stéphane Petoud:

Stéphane Petoud has been trained as a lanthanide coordination chemist and spectroscopist in the Science Department of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland (now EPFL), obtaining his PhD es science in 1997 (Swiss equivalent to “Thèse d’Etat”). He completed his academic training with a postdoctoral stay at the University of California Berkeley in 1998 where he extend his knowledge in the field of bioinorganic chemistry and biochemistry. He started his independent career at the University of Pittsburgh in 2002 as an Assistant Professor. He joined the Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire in Orléans, a CNRS UPR laboratory in 2009 as an INSERM Research Director position. His research is focused on the creation and use of novel imaging agents for optical and photoacoustic detection. Since 2019, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Chemistry - Applied Chemistry division of 4open.