We recently worked with Gaia Donati, freelance SciencePOD writer, on an Analysis & Opinion article for Research Information. We gave her complete access to the Journal de Physique archives and invited her to explore and comment on what she found. Her powerful observations and sensitive conclusions are captured in Discovery through multi-lingual science archives.

“The EDP Sciences archives remind us that science is multi-lingual, that language barriers are of our own making, and that they can quickly vanish. The pages of the Journal de Physique and Le Radium illustrate this and offer a source of inspiration – with their mix of French and English articles, their translated accounts of results published in other languages, and ultimately a commitment to allowing scientific ideas to cross geographical borders and time.”

Read Discovery through multi-lingual science archives.

Our thanks to Gaia Donati for her fascinating perspective on the Journal de Physique archives.