We are pleased to highlight the recently completed EPJ B topical issue on “Evolutionary Game Theory”. The special issue contains over twenty articles, some of which are open access. The whole issue is free to read until 9 November 2022.

The topical issue has been guest edited by Ankit Agarwal, Valerio Capraro, Ferenc Iglói, Matjaž Perc and Chengyi Xia. Most articles relate to Statistical and Nonlinear Physics with one article addressing Computational Methods (Acculturation and the evolution of cooperation in spatial public goods games by Alessandra F. Lütz, Marco A. Amaral and Lucas Wardil).

The open access articles are:

Stimuli strategy and learning dynamics promote the wisdom of crowds by Li Zhenpeng and Tang Xijin

Cooperation evolves by the payoff-difference-based probabilistic reward by Tetsushi Ohdaira

Statistics of the number of equilibria in random social dilemma evolutionary games with mutation by Manh Hong Duong and The Anh Han

General features of Nash equilibria in combinations of elementary interactions in symmetric two-person games by György Szabó and Balázs Király

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