As part of EDP Sciences’ ongoing commitment to furthering open science, this post forms the first in a series of monthly updates highlighting advancements at both the journal and publisher level. The series will share case studies on different open publishing models and the journals that are proving them to be viable alternatives to the traditional subscription model. It will also offer commentary on both the process and impact of transitioning towards becoming a fully open publisher. Join the conversation on social media with #RoadToOpen

EDP Sciences has recently expanded the database linking capabilities of its publication platform by adding links to ALMA data curated by the ESO telescopic bibliography, and to reviewed preprints by Peer Community In. This move aims to enhance the discoverability and accessibility of research data, fostering a more integrated and efficient academic research environment.

Integration with ALMA data at telbib: EDP Sciences has incorporated links to ALMA data within the telbib database in its Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) journal. ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) is one of the most significant astronomical observatories. Its inclusion in telbib, a bibliography of refereed papers published based on data obtained with ESO (European Southern Observatory) telescopes, ensures a seamless connection between high-quality research articles and the underlying observational data. Direct links from A&A articles to dataset on the ESO telbib database not only simplify the research process for astronomers and astrophysicists but also bolster the transparency and reproducibility of research findings.


Collaboration with Peer Community In: Furthermore, EDP Sciences has incorporated links with reviewed preprints on the Peer Community In platform (PCI), an innovative platform offering free recommendations of preprints in mathematical and computational biology (PCI Math & Comp Biol), ecology (PCI Ecology), and other fields. These links are available for journals such as Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, International Journal of Limnology, and Oilseeds and Fats,Crops and Lipids. The initiative allows researchers to access peer-reviewed and recommended preprints alongside traditional journal articles, thus broadening the spectrum of accessible scientific knowledge and facilitating a more inclusive scholarly communication model.


These partnerships demonstrate EDP Sciences' commitment to enhancing academic research's efficiency and impact through technological innovation and collaboration. By enabling direct links between published articles and associated data repositories, EDP Sciences ensures that researchers have one-click access to datasets that can aid in validating research findings and spurring further investigations. EDP Sciences will continue to expand its database linking capabilities in the coming years. The list of database links currently supported on EDP Sciences’ publication platform is available here.