EDP Sciences is pleased to announce that it will no longer be using physical, promotional items, commonly known as 'goodies' or ‘swag’, for corporate promotion at the conferences and events it attends. Instead, it will make annual donations to Fondation de France to support its Children and Education program, especially in providing higher education for all, and to Bibliothèques Sans Frontières to support its mission of promoting access to information and education for marginalized communities.

EDP Sciences has recognized the environmental impact and waste associated with producing and distributing promotional items. By making a charitable donation, the company aims to make a positive impact while promoting sustainable practices and responsible event planning in the publishing industry. In addition, this action aligns with the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production.

“EDP Sciences conference stands will still feature engaging and informative content, but attendees can expect a reduced impact on the environment,” commented Charlotte Van Rooyen, Director of Marketing and Communications at EDP Sciences. “At the same time, we are exploring alternative methods to promote our content and engage with attendees, such as through digital marketing and other experiences.”

This move by EDP Sciences is a clear indication of its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. EDP Sciences will work with its publishing partners to encourage them to adopt a similar approach at events. The decision does not preclude the occasional edible treat or cup of coffee on our stands, which may be offered alongside alternative promotional activities such as competitions and lucky draws.

*Remaining stock of goodies already produced will be used up over the coming months.