As every year, Journal Citation Reports, ISI Web of Knowledge announces the latest IFs, which are an indicator of the quality of a scientific journal and its relative importance in a field.

EDP Sciences is very concerned because more than 25 journals produced and distributed by our company have an IF. Through the combined efforts of the editorial boards and editorial tools at their disposal, the IF of these journals are mostly up sharply in several years.

Some of the year's most gratifying achievements include:

Note that until 2010 and during 10 years of cooperation with the editorial teams of INRA, EDP Sciences has brought these following journals to an international level : their IF have made significant progress, some have doubled to others have been multiplied by 10!

The 2011 IF count citations of articles published in 2009 and 2010, when EDP Sciences published these journals. Consequently, these journals now have maximum visibility among the community. They are now published by Springer.

Look up the IFs of our journals by clicking the website of each journal.

In the light of this success, EDP Sciences would like to offer sincere congratulations to every author, referee, and editor concerned.