Creating a major player in the professional press health, EDP SCIENCES Group acquires the 14 magazines of CPI.

On September 23, 2011, EDP Santé, a subsidiary of EDP SCIENCES Group, represented by its CEO, Jean-Marc Quilbé, has acquired 14 health magazines CIP (Communication Professionnelle et Industrielle):

EDP Santé, publisher of professional magazines in the fields of pharmacy and orthopedics (Profession Pharmacien), hospital (Plateaux Techniques Actualités) and dental (Dentoscope, Indépendentaire, Orthophile), strengthens its editorial and media offering and confirms the current and future ambition EDP Sciences Group to become a major player in the field. The acquisitions undertaken in recent months by the Group (Éditions EDK, JCM Santé, magazines NPS, Sept and now CIP) promote the creation of bridges and synergies between existing and future titles to build a high value offers added. We will accompany health professionals in their search for efficiency. In addition, the Group's expertise in terms of quality rules and ethics used in scientific publishing, will meet the requirements of professionals and institutions in the sector.

About EDP Santé:

EDP Santé is part of Group EDP Sciences, €14 million of consolidated revenues, founded in 1920, including a subsidiary of the Société Française de Physique and other partner societies. The group publishes and distributes 50 scientific journals in more than one hundred countries, 20 professional magazines, numerous websites and over 400 books. Editor based on expertise in the field of processing and dissemination of scientific information, the Group EDP Sciences covers many fields: physics and astrophysics, and mathematics, the sciences of engineer, life sciences, the environment and, more recently, health.