The group EDP Sciences, with the acquisition of Editions EDK in 2010, has extended its activity to the health and particularly that of psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry.

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce the opening of sites Perspectives Psy and Psychologie Clinique.

Perspectives Psy

The reference of the psychiatric community French scientific journal in psychiatry, clinical psychology and social sciences, founded in 1963 by the Group of Studies in Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Sciences (GEPPSS)…

Psychologie Clinique

Latest research in psychology.
In the draft to defend and illustrate the question of the subject and the institution, clinical psychology has devoted to the clinical records of parentage, identity, reports of the subject's body and its language, the effects violent ruptures of the culture and history of subjectivities…

La Célibataire

Journal of Psychoanalysis (clinical, logical, political).
The Lacanian journal of Paris La Célibataire, journal that Charles Melman wanted to create in 1988, allows an era characterized by the loss of ethical standards, political and ideological, to question the teachings of Freud and Lacan...