EDP Sciences group has just acquired the company JCM Santé publisher of magazines

  • Profession Pharmacien
  • Plateaux Techniques Actualités
  • L’Annuaire de l’Orthopédie Technique
  • Expression Génériques

Through this acquisition EDP Sciences wishes to extend its sphere of activities in trade magazines in the health sector. The healthcare division of EDP Sciences today consists of both top-level scientific journals and magazines for practitioners and clinicians. Thus, EDP Sciences also widely positioned on the International market with 30 journals published in English and 70% of its turnover abroad, strengthens its position on the publishing market in French.

This dual positioning national-international and combined expertise in magazines and journals give EDP Sciences group strength and very important assets for the development of publications, the creation of international versions and the realization of new partnerships.

Last updated on January 2, 2012