Since 1995, EDP Sciences has been working on the development of an efficient publishing web-based platform.
Continually optimized, it is used to disseminate the group’s publications and various scientific contents. This easy to set up tool, also benefits external partners who have shortlisted and selected it as the solution to disseminate their own scientific content.

This platform has now a name:
Vision4Press or V4P

This easy name summarizes the first aim of the platform: give visibility (Vision) into the content (Press).

All the applications and last developments in terms of web publishing academic literature have been integrated.

The main asset of Vision4press is its flexibility and its easy adaptability to the diversity of publications and conferences hosted. This provides publishing users with flexibility and customization, which isn’t allowed by platforms developed by main international publishers.

While taking advantage of the comprehensive technological environment of the platform, each publication or conference may have its own domain name and a customized graphic design.

Language constraints are taken into account in mono or multilingual versions. A learnt society or a publishing house may use Vision4Press under its own name without being associated to EDP Sciences. All different features are chosen in agreement with the owner of the publication or the organizer of the conference.

Indeed, Vision4Press’ developers aim at disseminating Science but also promoting authors and their research works.
Vision4Press is a powerful and flexible tool at the service of scientists.

Vision4Press is:
  • 139 600 articles;
  • +6000 articles per year;
  • 25% articles in Open Access;
  • 78 web sites of publications and proceedings;
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.