In June of each year, Journal Citation Reports, ISI Web of Knowledge announces the latest Impact Factors. The Impact Factor (often abbreviated as IF) is an indicator of the quality of a scientific journal. It is evaluated according to the number of citations of the papers published therein, and helps to assess the relative importance of a journal, particularly when comparing it to others in the same field.

EDP Sciences, publishing partner of the scientific communities, has a particular interest in the publication of the 2008 rankings. More than 20 publications produced and distributed by our company have an Impact Factor, and the combined efforts of the editorial offices and the resources made available to them over the past several years have yielded excellent results. The IF figures have shown continuous growth in the short term and especially the medium term.

Some of the year’s most gratifying achievements include:

We should also mention that EDP Sciences has submitted applications for several journals to have an Impact Factor as of next year, resulting in their selection by the JCR (among them: Fruits and Mécaniques & Industries).

Look up the Impact Factors of our journals by clicking the website of each journal.

In the light of this success, EDP Sciences would like to offer sincere congratulations to every author, referee, and editor concerned.