EDP Sciences has the pleasure to inform you of the new 1.7 version of this platform.

This version offers a new graphic design, and a more user-friendly introduction page to the articles. In particular, the tools at the disposal of the reader (recommend this article, search by authors, article citing this article,...) are placed on the right of the abstract, which make them more visible and which allow us to include new functionalities:

  • the reader is informed when the article is cited ("citation alert") and/or when an erratum is published ("correction alert");
  • links to social bookmarking sites are added (Bibsonomy, CiteULike, Connotea, Del.icio.us, Digg and Facebook);
  • the use of the tool "dowload citation" is extended to EndNote and Reference Manager;
  • the Open URL is implemented for abstracts.
So don't delay visiting the journal websites to discover these new functionalities.