On the 12th of November 2014, EDP Sciences will launch its new online bookshop, "La boutique EDP Sciences". This new bookshop will replace the one that already exists, "Edition Sciences".

Like Edition Sciences, La boutique EDP Sciences will allow visitors – teachers, students, engineers, technicians or simply those fascinated by science and technology – to choose from over 500 paper books and eBooks.

Laboutique.edpsciences.fr offers new functions:

  • Buy and download eBooks
  • See the best sellers
  • Browse by readership and find the most suitable book
  • Browse by format (print, ePub, eBooks)
  • Find free eBooks

Laboutique.edpsciences.fr is there to meet all visitors’ needs.

We invite you to visit this new online bookshop, intended for all scientific and medical communities.

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