EDP Sciences is now part of the UKSG Transfer Code of Practice, which is a set of voluntary best practices for scholarly publishers, to ensure that when a journal is transferred from one publisher or publishing platform to another, the process occurs with minimum disruption and that the content remains accessible. It also encourages the industry to embrace these standards as a baseline level of quality and performance.

For more information: http://www.uksg.org/transfer/transfer_publishers

EDP Sciences will be also present at UKSG, the 37th Annual Conference and Exhibition, in Harrogate (UK) from April, 14th to 16th, 2014, stand #16.

For this occasion, EDP Sciences will run a focus group, on the following theme: “Learned Society attitude to Open Access”. This is an opportunity to present and complement the recent online survey, carried out to learned societies to gather their attitude to Open Access, to key representatives from the academic publishing industry to explore some of the themes more.