EDP Sciences and the editorial board of A&A has the pleasure to announce that all Astronomy & Astrophysics articles are now in open access ONE year after their publication date, rather than two years. The main objective is timeliness of dissemination to scientists, while maintaining the quality of the information.

In 2013, the ambitious movements towards free access make their way : EU (Horizon 2020), UK (Finch Report), position of US (President Barack Obama’s new policy on “open access”), France... So, it is recommended to the research councils to "establish more effective and flexible arrangements to meet the cost of publishing in open access and hybrid journals".

EDP Sciences collaborates with research institutions for the Green route of subscription journals. EDP Sciences insists on:

  • The quality of the peer-review. It should be the first criterion (quality above quantity).
  • The quality of services to authors/readers.
  • The proximity to learned societies.
The EDP Sciences teams are dedicated to the support and editorial support of researchers and their institutions according to the mission that has been entrusted by the learned societies that motivate the publisher. Thus, we are pleased and proud to contribute to the diffusion of knowledge without barriers by choosing to follow the path of free access to their articles in respect of the highest-quality content.
Jean-Marc Quilbé, CEO of EDP Sciences