Paris France, 20 February 2019. The Learning Center of Université Paris-Saclay strengthened its innovative approach to research dissemination by launching a new series of masterclasses on scientific writing for PhD students and young researchers, in partnership with scientific publisher EDP Sciences. Fifteen PhD students from various doctoral schools of the university attended the first masterclass on February 12 and 13.

This follows a masterclass organized at the end of 2017, and a day devoted to scientific publication in the field of physics earlier this month.

The Learning Center of Université Paris Saclay chose to work with EDP Sciences to launch a new series of four masterclasses devoted to scientific writing for PhD students and researchers. EDP Sciences prepared and delivered the masterclass with the support of the editorial team from the journal Emergent Scientist, the first open access student-oriented scientific journal.

“I am very proud of the original format for the masterclasses designed by EDP Sciences, the Université Paris-Saclay Learning Center, and the editorial team of the journal Emergent Scientist”, commented Anne Ruimy, Senior Publisher at EDP Sciences who co-facilitated the 2-day workshop in Université Paris-Saclay. “Understanding the process of peer review and getting research published is daunting for young scientists. Our workshop gave the participants the opportunity to submit their draft articles to get them reviewed by their peers, using the collective intelligence of the group to help participants improve articles in preparation, and build up their writing skills.”

Julien Sempéré, Learning Center project manager said “The decision to work with EDP Sciences, a renowned scientific publisher committed to innovative research dissemination approaches was an obvious choice for the Learning Center. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the next classes.”

Future masterclasses will be advertised in summer 2019. They are open to PhD students and young researchers affiliated with Université Paris-Saclay, free of charge.

About the Learning Center, Université Paris-Saclay

The Learning Center of Université Paris-Saclay will soon be the place of knowledge dissemination within the Moulon plateau. It will bring together current libraries and collections from Paris-Sud University, CentraleSupélec, and Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay. It will be a place open to the public, students, researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs of Université Paris-Saclay.

Bringing together 14 higher education and research institutions, Université Paris-Saclay is located at the heart of French research and innovation at a stone’s throw from Paris. We provide multi- and cross-cutting education to undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe. Master’s students can choose from our 45 programmes (15% in English), supported by a variety of scholarship opportunities. We are home to 10% of doctoral candidates in France who work within one of our 300 research teams in close connection with innovation and the industry, using the latest cutting-edge experimental and technological platforms.

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About EDP Sciences

EDP Sciences is a not-for-profit publisher with nearly 100 years of history. Established in 1920 by the French Physics Society and several renowned scientists and industrialists including Louis de Broglie, Jean Perrin and Marie Curie, EDP Sciences is still owned by learned societies and has a mission to participate in the dissemination of important research that accelerates scientific progress and cross-fertilisation of ideas of the society in general. EDP publishes over 70 scientific journals in the physical sciences, applied mathematics, materials and engineering, life and environmental sciences, health and biomedical sciences. It also publishes open access conference proceedings ( and books.
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Emergent Scientist is an open access international scientific journal dedicated to a student authorship and readership, and to a lesser extent to teachers and researchers. Emergent Scientist is intended to provide students with accessible scientific material and to offer them a first publishing experience. For senior scientists, Emergent Scientist can be used to provide teaching material and can constitute an introduction to questions out of the reader’s area of expertise.

Anne Ruimy
Senior Publisher
EDP Sciences
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Photo: Arnaud Raoux (Associate Editor, Emergent Scientist) and participants of the science writing masterclass in CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay on 12-13 February.