We are delighted to announce that Natures Sciences Sociétés (NSS) will be published in open access from January 2020. The journal will be hosted and produced by EDP Sciences, which is actively supporting the transition of journals to open access.

Articles will be freely accessible and published under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) licence, thereby allowing authors to retain copyright. There will be no publication charges thanks to the financial support of NSS-Dialogues and the following institutions: Cirad, CNRS (Inee et INSHS), INRA, IRD and Irstea.

With this new arrangement, NSS will be at the forefront of developments in the sector, following closely the recommendations of the national plan for open science announced by Frédérique Vidal in July 2018 and, of course, Plan S which is supported by cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders which includes the ANR.

NSS is already widely recognized and valued by the scientific community. By publishing content in open access, it is expected that the readership of NSS will grow.

NSS publishes articles addressing all aspects of the relationship between man and nature, including human nature. The content encompasses a large number of disciplines (natural sciences, life sciences, sociology, engineering and research processes) reflected in the specialisms of its Editors-in-Chief - Jean-Paul Billaud, Sociologist; Bernard Hubert, Ecologist and Franck Dominique Vivien, Economist.

Find out more at the Natures Sciences Sociétés website where you can also sign up for new article e-mail alerts.