Paris, France, 14 October 2020: EDP Sciences is pleased to announce that Mechanics & Industry, the official journal of the Association Française de Mécanique (AFM), will publish all articles open access from January 2021. M&I has been co-published in English with EDP Sciences since 2004 and is widely recognised and appreciated in its field.

The joint decision to transition the journal to open access underlines the AFM’s policy of supporting open science. It is particularly keen to facilitate exchanges between researchers and industry and highlight collaborative projects. EDP Sciences has been committed to open access from the beginning of the movement and, like the AFM, supports a continuous move towards open science. It is committed to helping journals transition to open access if they so wish.

“The growing demand for open access from both the scholarly community and research funding bodies makes this the right time to fully embrace open access. We are extremely pleased to take this next step with EDP Sciences and excited about the opportunities to reinforce the journal’s position as a leading voice within the mechanical sciences community” explains Professor Eric Arquis, President of the AFM.

Open access provides an exciting opportunity for Mechanics & Industry to grow and places it at the forefront of developments in the sector, closely following the recommendations of the French national plan for open science and, of course, Plan S supported by a range of European institutions. The journal will be disseminated much more widely, both nationally and internationally, and will gain more exposure within the industry.

The journal already benefits from the reach of open access; submissions via the existing ‘open access option’ have been popular and 80 open access articles have been published since 2017 (of which 39 were under the ‘French National Open Access Agreement’). Several open access special issues have also been published and proved to be very popular. It is worth noting, article processing charges (APCs) will be waived for young researchers contributing to future special issues.

Authors will also benefit from the transition to full open access. The journal will publish articles under a CC-BY license, enabling authors to retain copyright and be fully compliant with any open access requirements of funding organisations. Corresponding authors from institutions which are part of the French National Open Access Agreement will be able to publish in Mechanics & Industry with no APCs as will those affiliated with an institution in Group A of the Research4Life programme. Similar agreements are already in place with German academic institutions and eligible Chinese Academy of Sciences institutes. The AFM and EDP Sciences will continue their efforts to secure funding for APCs via such agreements.

“It’s a privilege to work with the AFM to help it prepare for its open access future and to help M&I develop by providing academics, researchers and industry actors with a global platform for sharing their work beyond the reach of the traditional research community,” explains Ariana Fuga, Senior Editor Journals & Books, EDP Sciences. “At the same time, we are supporting the open scholarship agenda. This is an important step in making mechanical sciences research more accessible, and one we are pleased to support unreservedly.”

About Mechanics & Industry:

Mechanics & Industry is an international, peer-reviewed journal with a focus on mechanical sciences and engineering applications, publishing 6 issues per year. It has an impact factor of 0.874 and the Editor-in-Chief is Professor Régis Dufour, INSA Lyon, France. The journal acts as an interface between research and industry by coordinating and disseminating the results of scientific and technical research within mechanics. M&I is the official journal of the Association Française de Mécanique.

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About AFM:

The Association Française de Mécanique (AFM) was founded in 1997 under the impetus of the High Mechanical Committee (HCM) and the University Association in Mechanics (AUM). Similarly, the association was founded with the support of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM). As a result of its conception from 17 thematic scientific associations, the AFM has stepped up to the role of representative of this “unique dynamic” representing the gathering of French mechanics.

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About EDP Sciences:

EDP Sciences is an international academic publisher which was founded by learned societies in 1920. EDP Sciences publishes high-quality scientific journals, conferences proceeding, books and magazines, many of which are open access.

Several journals are published in partnership with learned societies and the journal 4open is expressly built on the four pillars of open science. EDP Sciences also offers EDP Open Books - a comprehensive open access publishing solution.

EDP Sciences was founded by eminent scientists including Marie Curie and Paul Langevin. Since November 2019, it is owned by Science Press which is itself majority-owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). CAS is the world’s largest research organisation and a prestigious learned society. EDP Sciences has therefore always been, and continues to be, the publishing partner of scientific communities.

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