Michel Héritier

It is with great sadness that we learnt the death of Michel Héritier on April 11th, 2016.

Professor to the University Paris-Sud, researcher at the Laboratory of Physics of Solids – Orsay and formerly, Director of the laboratory, Michel Héritier brought a remarkable contribution in the Condensed Matter Physics and, particularly in the analysis phase transitions in Condensed Matter.

Faithful author to EDP Sciences, he published with EDP Sciences 27 of his articles, since 1979, in the journals: Le Journal de Physique IV, Journal de Physique I, EPL, Le Journal de Physique Colloques, Journal de Physique Lettres and The European Physical Journal B.

Michel Héritier is also the author of the following book « Physique de la matière condensée - Des atomes froids aux supraconducteurs à haute température critique » , published in 2013 in the collection « Quintesciences ».

We offer to his family and all those who loved him our sincere condolences.