We are delighted to introduce Security and Safety (S&S), a new international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal. S&S focuses on Integrated Security and Safety and is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is led by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jiangxing Wu, Director of China’s National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center.

In his first editorial, Professor Wu reflects on some of the issues which prompted the introduction of the new journal. “In order to guarantee the functional safety for cyber physical systems (CPS) in cyberspace in the information age, it is impossible to avoid challenges of cyber security, especially “unknown unknown” network threats and attack events aimed at CPS systems, software/hardware facility vulnerabilities or loopholes and backdoors.”

He goes on to say “…it is urgent to develop integrated scientific theories, technological methodologies, and practice norms to deal with generalized functional safety problems.” These themes are also central to Professor Wu’s first article in S&S “Problems and solutions regarding generalized functional safety in cyberspace”.

S&S is arranged around eight key areas, namely information networks, integrated circuits, software engineering, industrial control, intelligent transportation, medical health, digital finance, social governance. A prestigious, highly respected international editorial board includes a number of Associate Editors-in-Chief. The editorial board represents the full scope of topics covered by the journal and guarantees the quality and integrity of the results published.

“Our vision for S&S is that it will become a leading interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersection of cyber security and functional safety to promote interdisciplinary innovation, benefit the international community, empower the digital economy, and guard the smart era in the future.”

The journal is open to contributions on all relevant topics and publication fees have been waived for 2022. Articles are submitted using NESTOR (the EDP Sciences in-house submission system) and peer-reviewed according to the strict ethical standards of the journal. A highly relevant special issue, “Security and Safety in the “Metaverse””, is already underway and open for submissions until 31 October 2022.

“We warmly welcome experts and scholars from all over the world to contribute novel and enlightening manuscripts and share your thoughts and results to support the development of S&S.”

S&S joins a small collection of journals in the EDP Sciences portfolio dedicated to information technology, including the International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications and ITM Web of Conferences. EDP Sciences also publishes a range of books in computer science.

About Security and Safety

S&S (eISSN: 2826-1275) aims to publish quickly high quality innovative and applicable research results in all fields that involve the intersection of cyber security and functional safety, as well as views and comments on the frontier and development direction to guide and promote the integration and progress of cyber security and functional safety in multiple fields in the intelligent era. It is published by EDP Sciences and China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (Science Press).

Authors enjoy a number of advantages offered by open access. Articles are published under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) licence, so authors retain the copyright and are fully compliant with the open access requirements of institutions and/or funding organisations. S&S’s content is open to all and disseminated widely, both nationally and internationally. Content includes Editorials, Research articles, Review articles, Views, Perspectives, Commentaries and Multimedia Open Online Papers (MOOPs) etc.

Read the first editorial by Professor Jiangxing Wu, “On integrated security and safety”.

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