Strategic metals and materials are often relatively rare or difficult to access, unevenly distributed around the world, but globally indispensable for strategic industrial uses, in particular the decarbonisation of energy in all its industrial and environmental applications.

The current geopolitical conflicts only amplify the importance of this theme, as these materials are essential to the life of a State and their lack leads to significant negative industrial and economic impacts, linked to difficult supply or exploitation.

In the context of the mission of the Maison de la Chimie to educate young people and inform citizens, it seemed important to provide an objective scientific overview of the various facets of this transdisciplinary theme, which is at the heart of current events and in which chemistry plays and will play an important role. The speakers were chosen from among the best experts in research, industry, politics and economics in the various fields concerned.

The level is intended to be accessible to all to allow for a broad debate.

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