We recently announced that five of our mathematics journals, published in partnership with the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI), are advancing open science with a new, prescriptive data and code sharing policy. Earlier, we announced that one of these journals, Mathematical Modelling of Applied Phenomena (MMNP) partnered with Peer Community In (PCI) to enable transparent peer review of preprints. This recently published paper in MMNP demonstrates these policies in action by including a code availability statement, code citation, and a peer review statement.


Key Features of our Data and Code Sharing Policy:

  • Authors are required to declare if they have data or code in a public repository at the time of submission.
  • Mandatory data availability statement and data/code citations required for articles with data in public repositories.
  • Systematic verification of the presence and accuracy of these elements is made by the publisher.

Read more about the policy: Data and Code Sharing Policy.

Our Partnership with Peer Community In:

  • Authors are required to declare at the time of submission if a preprint of their article was reviewed and recommended by Peer Community In.
  • If the recommended article falls within the scope, the journal may use the PCI reviews and recommendation to strengthen or speed up the peer-review process of the article.
  • A peer review statement is required for articles with peer-reviewed preprints.

Read more about the policy: Peer Community In.

Read more about EDP Sciences’ Open Science initiatives.

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