In commemoration of the Société Française de Physique's (SFP) 150th anniversary, EDP Sciences has successfully contributed to a series of five Masterclasses titled "Master classes itinérantes". These events, primarily targeting PhD students in physics and related fields, were organized across France. The Masterclasses aimed to enhance participants' skills in scientific writing, while providing insights into scientific publishing and the evolving landscape of Open Science.

The journey commenced in Nice on 4-5 May, offering an in-depth look into the art of crafting scientific articles. This was followed by sessions in Lyon (5-6 June), Grenoble (13-14 June), Strasbourg (19-20 June), and culminated in Marseille on 9-10 October. Agnès Henri, Managing Director of EDP Sciences, attended the sessions in Lyon and Grenoble, and Anne Ruimy, Publishing Director at EDP Sciences, was present in Strasbourg and Marseille. These leaders engaged with participants, discussing various aspects of open access publishing.

The masterclasses were part of a broader array of celebratory events organized by the SFP, including a play honouring Marie Curie, a conference commemorating Louis de Broglie, and the Congrès Général in Paris. EDP Sciences also played a significant role in these events, with Agnès Henri participating in a session on Open Science and Scientific Evaluation at the Congrès Général. Additionally, EPL and the European Physical Journal (EPJ) sponsored prizes for young physicists, and we also celebrated the 25th anniversary of EPJ.

These masterclasses have been a testament to EDP Sciences' commitment to fostering scientific discourse and education, particularly among upcoming researchers. The sessions have not only provided a platform for learning and discussion but have also brought into focus the challenges and opportunities in the field of scientific publishing.