Paris, Tuesday 7th March 2017. EDP Sciences has today signed an important licensing deal with Tsinghua University Press (TUP) who are a part of the prestigious Tsinghua University based in Beijing, China.

The deal will see two of TUP’s chemistry publications translated into French for dissemination into the important community of researchers who live and work in French speaking countries. The titles are: Beautiful Chemistry which was first launched as a digital program and is a winner of Vizzies Visualisation Challenge awarded by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science magazine in the USA, the other is Beautiful Structures and Beautiful Reactions.

“We are deeply honoured to sign an agreement with such a prestigious organization as TUP”, said Jean Marc Quilbé President of EDP Sciences, “this partnership builds on EDP’s continued commitment for building relationships and engaging with Chinese academic institutions. On the one hand we support dissemination of their content outside of China, and on the other, we are increasing the profile of EDP in this important market”.

The President of Tsinghua University Press, Zong Junfeng says, “EDP Sciences attracts us because of their academic background and their pursuit of dissemination of knowledge and scientific information. We sincerely hope that the signing ceremony on March 7th will be a starting point, and both sides can widen and deepen our cooperation in the future, and so fulfill our effort to bring more quality products to the widest possible audience.”

Dr Matthias Wahls the publishing consultant who has supported EDP Sciences with their efforts in China said, “I am honoured to support EDP Sciences in developing their deep interest in Chinese academic publishing affairs. TUP’s Beautiful Chemistry and Beautiful Structures and Beautiful Reactions will be made accessible to the French speaking audience in 2017, therefore bringing first class publications from China to France and other French speaking nations. Exporting one of the first of its academic works into the French language sets a new and very important milestone in China’s ‘Going Global’ initiative.” Dr Wahls continued, “some promising discussions and negotiations with other academic publishers in China are expected to result in additional partnerships for EDP Sciences in the P.R. China”.

About EDP

EDP Sciences is a not-for-profit publisher, established in 1920, belonging to learned societies with a mission to participate in the dissemination of important research that accelerates scientific progress and cross-fertilisation of ideas of the society in general. EDP Sciences is located in Paris, London, and Shenzen and publishes over 55 scientific journals in the physical sciences, mathematics, life and environmental sciences, energy, materials and engineering, health and biomedical sciences. It also publishes 20 professional magazines, conference proceedings and books.

About Tsinghua University Press

As an integral part of China’s most prestigious university—Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Press (TUP) has now grown to be one of the leading academic and higher education publishers in China. With about 3000 new titles released every year and more than 20 journals up till now, TUP ranks among the best on comprehensive strength, sales volume and market shares in higher education textbooks, science and technology books and library supply market in China.

About M Wahls Publishing Consultancy

Dr Matthias Wahls established the M. Wahls Publishing Consultancy in 2010. With offices in The Hague, The Netherlands, it has grown to become an important bridge-builder between the international academic publishing community and their counterparts in the P.R. of China. Dr. Wahls has accumulated 18 years of experience in academic publishing, 12 years of which have included involvement in Chinese academic publishing.