Strong ties to the world’s largest research organisation will strengthen EDP Sciences’ ability to serve the global academic community

Paris, France: An exchange of signatures took place on 13th November finalising the sale of EDP Sciences to China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (Science Press). This concludes the agreement reached earlier this year by EDP Sciences’ former co-owners, Société Française de Physique, Société Chimique de France, Société Française d’Optique and Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles, to sell their interests in their publishing partner to Science Press, the flagship of China’s sci-tech publishing industry. Science Press is 74%-owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the world’s largest research organisation and a prestigious learned society.

“As our centenary approaches, we are delighted to secure a sustainable future for EDP Sciences to move ahead with the pioneering work that Marie Curie and her co-founders began in 1920 to serve the publishing needs of the academic community,” commented Agnès Henri, Managing Director, EDP Sciences. “Joining forces with Science Press provides EDP Sciences with a golden opportunity to develop as a mid-size open access publisher. This significant investment in our long-term growth will enhance our capabilities and strengthen our ability to serve as a publishing alternative for researchers in a landscape that is increasingly dominated by a handful of major commercial players.”

Lin Peng, President, Science Press said, “Science Press has made a strong commitment to protecting the long-term interests of EDP Sciences and enhancing its future development.” Dr. Lin explained that EDP Sciences’ former co-owners will continue to support EDP Sciences’ development. Dr. Henri elaborated, “Day-to-day management and administration of EDP Sciences will continue to be handled by our experienced team based in France.” A Scientific Advisory Committee is being set up for EDP Sciences that will include representatives from the former society co-owners as well as members of the wider scientific community. The committee will provide editorial advice to ensure that EDP Sciences’ high-quality publishing standards are maintained.

“Science Press is keen to foster international cooperation and collaboration with scientists around the world, to advance science and address global challenges. Our new partnership with EDP Sciences is an important step on this path and will allow us to maximise potential and optimise resources,” noted Dr. Lin.

Science Press publishes books and journals in Science, Technology, Medicine and Education. Its contributors include a significant number of distinguished authors such as the Nobel Prize Laureate, Tu Youyou. Science Press sits at the forefront of the highest-quality Chinese research, spearheaded by CAS. According to Nature Index, CAS has held the number one position in ‘Top ten institutions for physical sciences in 2018’ ahead of the Max Planck Society, CNRS and MIT for four years in a row. CAS also supported a series of breakthroughs in quantum communication and computing, new progress in the study of re-emerging superconductivity, major breakthroughs in stem cell research and the discovery of a key factor in regulating the development of brain intelligence.

Jean-Marc Quilbé, President, EDP Sciences, expanded on the benefits of the new ties, “EDP Sciences will now be associated with some of the best scientific research in the world. When combined with governance based on the values of learned societies, and wider, international perspectives, EDP Sciences will be well placed to challenge and potentially lead the market. The new association with CAS brings tremendous value and aligns with our mission. EDP Sciences was founded by societies and has always been owned by societies thereby occupying a privileged position at the heart of the scientific community. Many of its journals are published in association with learned societies throughout the world. We will continue this tradition through the new close partnership with CAS.”

About EDP Sciences:

EDP Sciences is an academic publisher founded and owned by learned societies with nearly 100 years of publishing experience producing scientific journals, books, conference proceedings and other publications. EDP Sciences was founded in 1920 as La Société du Journal de Physique et Le Radium. It has published the work of many notable scientists including Marie Curie, Max Planck and Ernest Rutherford.

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About China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.:

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About Science Press Ltd.:
Science Press originated from Longmen Book Ltd. in the 1930s. It is now the largest comprehensive sci-tech publisher in China, and is affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Science Press publishes over 4000 book titles and over 340 science and technology journals annually. Science Press is praised as the “Publishing House for Scientists” in China. Numerous academicians and scholars, who left significant records on the development of the history of science and technology in China, published most of their important research results through the books and journals of Science Press, for example, the “Father of Chinese Rocketry” Qian Xuesen, the mathematician Hua Luogeng, the “Father of Super Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping, Bai Chunli, the Chemist and the President of CAS, the Nobel Prize Laureate Tu Youyou etc. Since the 1970s, Science Press has been actively exploring international development. It has set up branches in the United States and Japan successively and has also established partnership relationships with over 200 publishers in more than 20 countries.

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About the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS):
The Chinese Academy of Sciences was established on 1 November 1949 in Beijing where it is headquartered. CAS is the linchpin of China’s drive to explore and harness high technology and the natural sciences for the benefit of China and the world. Comprising a comprehensive research and development network, a merit-based learned society and a system of higher education, CAS brings together scientists and engineers from China and around the world to address both theoretical and applied problems using world-class scientific and management approaches. CAS comprises 104 research institutes, 12 branch academies, three universities and 11 supporting organizations in 23 provincial-level areas throughout the country. These institutions are home to more than 100 national key labs and engineering centres as well as nearly 200 CAS key labs and engineering centres. Altogether, CAS comprises 1,000 sites and stations across China.

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