In 2020, we were proud to announce the launch of NESTOR (New Editorial System Tool for Research), a brand-new submission system and the first to fully integrate video submissions. Now, just a few months later, we are glad to confirm the full integration of ORCID in NESTOR. This development significantly increases the features and benefits offered by NESTOR and further cements EDP Sciences’ membership of ORCID.

ORCID, “Open researcher and contributor ID”, is a non-profit organisation supported by a global community of over 1000 member organisations, “including research institutions, publishers, funders, professional associations, service providers, and other stakeholders in the research ecosystem”. Its focus is on “Connecting Researchers and Research” by way of a free, unique, persistent identifier for individuals so that they “are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions across disciplines, borders, and time”. Approaching 11 million ORCID IDs have been registered to date. (Find out more here.)

EDP Sciences is mindful of its role within the scientific community and the interactions of the various members of that community in the publishing process. Naturally, it places great emphasis on its authors and contributors and is determined to support ORCID and similar initiatives, such as the Publons Reviewer Recognition Service. The guiding principles of such initiatives are fairness and transparency and these also lie at the heart of open access and open science which we are pleased to support and lead.

NESTOR is an innovative editorial solution based on industry-wide best practice and the evolving needs of users. “We are gratified that NESTOR is recognised as an established submission system with all the functionality one would expect,” commented Jérôme Lepage, Chief Information Officer, EDP Sciences. “Authors play a central role in our work - their needs are our primary consideration and form the basis of our systems development.”

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Marketing and Communications, EDP Sciences.