Paris, France, 16 March 2021: For the first time, a comprehensive picture of China’s science, technology, and medical (STM) journals and papers is available in the English language. Covering “General Information of China’s STM Journals”, “Analysis of Papers Published by China’s STM Journals” and “Trends of Development of China’s Popular Science Journals”, the Blue Book on China’s Scientific Journal Development 2020 offers unique insights.

Led by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Blue Book was compiled based on both domestic and international databases, first-hand data, as well as scientific analyses. Originally published in Chinese, it aims to provide an overall picture of China’s STM journals and papers in a comprehensive, systematic, and transparent fashion. It presents data to illustrate the overall status of China’s STM journals and provide analyses of current challenges as well as guidelines and rules for development.

According to the relevant Chinese experts who worked on the project, the aim of the Blue Book is to serve as a guide to China's science journals as they undergo reform and enjoy increasing academic influence. It is also an important and authoritative source of information to which people will refer to learn about the overall development of China's science journals and the trends affecting them.

Agnès Henri, Managing Director of EDP Sciences, publisher of this translated edition, commented. “As part of the Science Press family, we are honoured to publish the Blue Book in English to ensure maximum dissemination of the invaluable data and analysis presented in this book”. Dr. Henri continued, “Collaboration ensures publication of high quality knowledge, and the ability to share freely and globally. Better information fosters greater understanding and more opportunities. Anyone interested in collaborating with China should consider adding the Blue Book to their reading list.”

Though the Blue Book focuses on the development of China’s STM journals, it also provides points of reference for the science and publishing community. It hopes to encourage professionals in scientific research and managers in scientific publishing to think about a path for developing China’s STM journals into world-class STM journals. Amidst the major public health crisis of COVID-19, China’s STM journals have played an increasingly important and unique role, demonstrating China’s expertise and comprehensive management experience in global anti-epidemic activities.

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