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After a scene-setting editorial, and invited commentary on the Open Access and Open Science landscape, 4open has published a letter appraising current aspects of focus in cancer research.

Read “Pragmatic cancer approach – time to change?” by Mesut Tez on the 4open website.

4open is also featured in the latest issue of European Biotechnology,where Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Björn Brücher comments that “4open is a journal both for established teams and young researchers” and seeks “excellence in science.

4open is currently inviting submissions in the multi- and inter-disciplinary fields of natural sciences, technology, and medicine, including material sciences and engineering.

Visit the 4open website to read the instructions for authors and submit your article.

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce the Open Access publication of the first issue of the Journal of the Northwestern Polytechnical University.The journal was founded in 1957 and mainly publishes research results in aviation, aerospace, marine science and engineering technology. All articles are published in Chinese language.

Publishing the journal on the EDP Sciences platform will increase its visibility among an international audience. We hope that the journal will continue to develop, and that the research performed in the Northwestern Polytechnical University will be more easily accessed and shared by the global academic community.

La commission des publications de la Société Française de Physique en partenariat avec EDP Sciences réalise une enquête sur le peer-review.

Le résultat de cette enquête sera dévoilé lors des Journées de la Matière Condensée 2018 (JMC).

La commission Publications de la SFP propose à ses adhérents et à tous les congressistes des Journées de la Matière Condensée (JMC) ayant une activité de "Peer Review" (évaluation par les pairs des publications scientifiques) de renseigner l'enquête ci-dessous. Elle vous invite également à venir échanger ensemble sur ce sujet le mercredi 29 aout prochain à Grenoble dans le cadre des JMC2018.

Enquete peer review

Le Peer Review fait partie du quotidien de chaque physicien, que ce soit en tant qu’auteur ou rapporteur. Aujourd’hui, la pratique traditionnelle pour publier un article de physique commence souvent par le dépôt du « preprint » sur ArXiV sans filtre de qualité, suivi par la soumission à une revue professionnelle, qui organise la relecture, souvent anonyme, par des pairs avant publication. Le Peer Review est considéré comme indispensable pour maintenir la qualité scientifique de nos publications, la carte de visite de nos travaux.

Mais le système actuel semble à bout du souffle et obsolète. Y-a-t-il trop de rapports à rédiger ? Les rapporteurs sont-ils sur-sollicités ? Leurs rapports sont-ils trop souvent biaisés ? La publication des grandes découvertes est-elle ralentie ou bloquée par les pairs-concurrents ?

La séance du 29 aout, organisée par la Commission Publications, permettra d’échanger sur les problèmes d’éthique, de science, et d’organisation liés au Peer Review avec le but de proposer des solutions modernes. Faut-il publier les rapports ? Divulguer le nom du rapporteur ? Remplacer le Peer Review par un blog sur le Web ?

Astronomy & astrophysics Journal

15th May 2018 marks the beginning of the 50th anniversary of Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A)1,2. A year-long programme of events will begin today at the annual meeting of A&A Board of Directors at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching, Germany.

The anniversary marks a significant milestone for one of the leading original research journals in the field. Since its launch half a century ago as the fusion of 6 national journals and in collaboration with ESO, A&A has published nearly 650 volumes and special issues, disseminating the highest quality scientific research to the academic community. Since 2008, A&A has been also supporting early career researchers through its Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers residential seminars to provide guidance on writing for professional publications.

The anniversary will be marked by several events with a highlight at the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Vienna, Austria (August 20th- 31st 2018).

1The member countries of A&A are: Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

2A&A is currently published by EDPS.

Happy Chinese New Year from EDP Sciences!
Warm thanks and greetings to all our Chinese Authors, Editors and Partners!

EDP Sciences科学传播出版社 谨贺 新春大吉

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce that it has joined the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC).

The I4OC is a collaboration between scholarly publishers, researchers, and other interested parties, to promote “the availability of data on citations that are structured, separable, and open”. This project promotes the unrestricted availability of citation data by asking publishers to ensure that references within academic articles are made publicly available. This then allows for references to be distributed without restriction through Crossref’s services, and made available to all.

This project aims to:

  • Create a global public web of linked scholarly citation data which will enhance the discoverability of published content.
  • Build new services over the open citation data, for the benefit of all key stakeholder groups: publishers, researchers, funders, academic institutions, and the general public.
  • Create a public citation graph to explore connections between disciplines and the evolution of ideas and new disciplines.

To read more about the initiative, the founding organizations, participating publishers, and the progress so far, visit the I4OC website.

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce the publication of the first article in its new multi- and inter-disciplinary journal, 4open. This article is an editorial, written by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Björn LDM Brücher entitled: “Science Belongs to No One – and to Everyone”.

This newly launched journal, 4open will publish original multi- and inter-disciplinary scientific research and is currently inviting submissions; prospective authors are invited to read the Instructions for Authors page to find out more.

The Editors wish to launch the journal with an appraisal of the current scientific publishing environment, presenting and evaluating the challenges facing researchers today, in the hope that it will reinforce the values of scientific rigor that they wish to instil into all future published research.

To read the editorial, click here.

Paris, France 12 December 2017. Supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, EDP Sciences and the national consortium for academics in France, have signed a significant 5-year open access deal.
Through this deal, all authors from French institutions participating in the agreement, including world leading research centers, universities and engineering schools are now able to choose to publish their articles under an open access CC-BY license in a large selection of EDP Sciences journals regardless of whether their institution has a current subscription or not.

Grâce à une collaboration avec l’éditeur EDP Sciences ,10 revues francophones du domaine de la Santé sont maintenant indexées intégralement dans la base de données LiSSa (Littérature Scientifique en Santé).

9361 références s’ajoutent aujourd’hui à la base de données ou l’enrichissent. Les nouvelles références seront intégrées au fil des publications.

16 November 2017. President Jean-Marc Quilbé, and Editorial Director Agnès Henri of EDP Sciences have been attending the China-Europe Renewable Energy innovation Center Forum this week in Beijing to discuss collaborations and programs in the field. With a strong publishing record in renewable energies, EDP Sciences is proud to be involved in this initiative set up by North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) and The Network Hessen-China. The Innovation Center is committed to pushing forward renewable energy developments both in China and Europe through a close educational and technological cooperation among Chinese and European universities and enterprises. For EDP this signifies continued commitment in their drive for continuing strategic relationships with partners in China.